Physical Therapy

In-Tact System

Conditioning with weights

Dr. Brandon VanTorre provides an integrated, evidence-based manual and physical therapy approach, with personal fitness-training, known as the Integrated Therapy & Conditioning Treatment (In-TACT) System. The In-TACT system, combines highly skilled manual therapy techniques with rehabilitative-physical conditioning, to provide you with the most comprehensive and dynamic approach to primary health care. In addition, Dr. VanTorre offers sports therapy and the McKenzie method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy.

This System of a combined therapeutic approach is designed to maximize your results, optimize or restore physical functioning of the musculoskeletal system, improve your performance and overall quality of life.

Leg Stretch with band & Support

Process & Outcomes

The In-TACT System begins with a comprehensive health screening, objective measures analysis including range of motion testing, orthopaedic evaluation, and strength testing. Gathering information on your baseline function assists in the design of a highly effective, personalized physical therapy program suited to your needs and goals.

Your prescribed course of treatment will focus on alleviating pain or discomfort, improving joint mobility, correcting muscle imbalance, and enhancing work-sport or activities of daily living performance.

Supported Therapy

In-Tact Stages

The In-TACT System is a focused assessment on structure and function together with three stages of care:

  • Passive-Relief care of immediate pain or discomfort
  • Active-Corrective care to optimize or restore normal function
  • Supportive-Performance care to help sustain your overall results and the benefits of being intact
Exercise Planning

Treatment Planning

It is recommended that patients receive only 10-12 treatment sessions of 20-30 minute duration over 4-6 weeks, together with a customized home/gym exercise program designed by Dr. VanTorre. A patient care follow-up is recommended 3-4 weeks following the treatment plan end date to reaffirm progress and provide a systems "tune-up" to the home program.

Choose from a variety of Fitness-Conditioning programs or create your own customized Health-Wellness plan.