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Services are available individually on a pay as you go basis, or bundled into Fitness-Health-Wellness Packages. Our unique Integrated Therapy & Conditioning Treatment (In-TACT) System allows you to enjoy a highly effective, health-fitness program customized to your needs and goals. Choose from a variety of conditioning programs and/or therapeutic services designed to maximize your results, optimize or restore physical functioning of the musculoskeletal system, enhance performance, and improve your overall quality of life.

Health Care Coverage

Most extended health care benefit plans fully or partially cover services provided by Dr. Brandon VanTorre. In Ontario, services are also covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) for work-related injuries and by auto insurers if injured in a motor vehicle collision.

DIRECT BILLING is available for WSIB claims, Motor Vehicle Insurance claims, Blue Cross, Great West Life, Green Shield Canada, Industrial Alliance, Johnson insurance, Manulife Financial, OTIP, Sun Life Financial, Veterans Affairs Canada and many other insurance providers.

Fitness-Health-Wellness Packages may be used toward the following services:

o Biomechanical assessment
o Chiropractic therapy
o Custom Foot Orthotics
o Medical Acupuncture
o Soft tissue/fascial release therapy
o Rehabilitation therapy
o Personal Training/Physical Conditioning
Neuromuscular activation training o
Home/Gym exercise program o
Standard First Aid/CPR certification o
Functional abilities evaluation o
Nutrition Coaching o
On-site First aid coverage o
High performance sport conditioning o
Pre-habilitation exercise therapy o
Post-rehabilitation physical conditioning o
Therapeutic modalities/X-ray o
Office/worksite ergonomic assessment o
Fitness Appraisal with report o
o Digital manual muscle testing
o Functional movement analysis
o Health-fitness products
o Home TENS Machines
o Orthopaedic bracing (knee/ankle/elbow/wrist)


o Initial Visit (45 minute session)

o Standard Treatment (20-30 minute session)

Treatment may include: soft tissue/myofascial release therapy, joint mobilization or manipulation therapy, therapeutic modalities (i.e., ultrasound, TENS, IFC), acupuncture, education, therapeutic taping, sports injury and/or exercise therapy - depending on your condition, goals, stage of tissue healing and/or plan of management.

o Chiropractic Adjustment

o Myofascial (Massage) Therapy (20-30 minute session)

o Acupuncture Treatment (20-30 minute session)

o Fitness / Exercise Therapy (50-60 minute session)

o Fitness Appraisal (including report)

o Running Assessment (including report)

o Nutrition coaching (15 minute session + material)

o Custom Foot Orthotic

First Aid & CPR Course Fee Schedule (per participant rate - HST applicable)

*Early Bird Fee
Regular Fee

o Standard First Aid & CPR/AED

o Standard First Aid & CPR/AED Re-certification

o Emergency First Aid & CPR/AED

o CPR/AED Level A,C, HCP

o CPR/AED Level C / HCP Re-certification

*Early Bird rates apply to course registration received more than 3 weeks prior to the scheduled start date.


o Start Up

o Power Up

o Shape Up

o Measure Up

o Fuel Up


o Weight Management Program

o Nutrition Fundamentals Program