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Dr. Brandon VanTorre provides an integration of evidence-based manual and physical therapy with personal fitness-training, known as the Integrated Therapy & Conditioning Treatment (In-TACT) System. The In-TACT system, combines highly skilled manual therapy techniques with rehabilitative-physical conditioning, to provide you with the most comprehensive and dynamic approach to primary health care.

This unique System is designed to maximize your results, optimize or restore physical functioning of the musculoskeletal system, provide acute injury care, rehabilitation, improve athletic performance, cardiovascular fitness, overall quality of life, and promote independent physical health management.

The In-TACT System begins with a comprehensive health screening, biomechanical analysis, range of motion testing, muscle balance testing, and computerized nutritional assessment with report. Gathering information on the way you function, move and fuel your body allows us to design a highly effective, personalized health-fitness program suited to your needs and goals.

Your prescribed course of treatment will focus on alleviating pain or discomfort, improving joint mobility, correcting muscle imbalance, enhancing work-sport or activities of daily living performance, and optimizing your nutritional status.

The In-TACT System is a total body assessment of structure and function together with three stages of care:

o Passive-Relief care of immediate pain or discomfort;
o Corrective-Active care to optimize or restore normal function;
o Supportive-Maintenance care to help sustain your overall results and the benefits of being In-TACT.

For improved results, it is recommeded that patients receive 10-12 treatment sessions of 30 minute duration over 4-6 weeks, together with a home/gym exercise program. Supportive care is suggested every 4-6 weeks as a systems tune-up depending on your health and fitness goals.

Choose from a variety of Conditioning programs or create your own customized health-fitness plan. Our various therapeutic sevices and flexible service packages offer you freedom in designing your own In-TACT program.