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PHYSICAL CONDITIONING involves an individualized dynamic set of exercises tailored to your fitness needs and desired goals, from weight loss, muscular conditioning, and endurance training, to functional high performance (sport-specific) training, pre-habilition & post-rehabilitation conditioning. For more information on Conditioning & Specialty programs please see below.

POST-REHABILITATION CONDITIONING is designed to restore physical function, optimize performance and return damaged tissues to pre-injury state via therapeutic exercise, and patient education.

PRE-HABILITATION CONDITIONING is designed to prepare the bodily tissues for surgery and help to decrease recovery time.

FUNCTIONAL TESTING is a comprehensive fitness appraisal and movement analysis, evaluating body composition, musculoskeletal fitness, functional movement patterns, and cardiovascular fitness. Functional testing is useful in identifying areas of physical strength and weaknesses, establishes a baseline of your current fitness level, defines proper goal setting, screens for potential health or injury risk, and provides a basis to monitor progress.

EDUCATIONAL LECTURES & COURSES presenting various health related topics including, but not limited to, back schools, office/work-site ergonomics, nutrition, stress management and fitness. For information on Personal Training and CPR certification courses please click here.

NUTRITIONAL CONSULTATION & PROGRAMS are designed to educate, motivate and facilitate patients in building a healthy, properly fueled, body via optimizing cellular health and performance with the most advanced nutritional science. Programs include: Nutrition fundamentals, Individualized plans, Weight management, and Sport nutrition. Evaluate your health profile with specialized Nutrition, Lifestyle & Anti-aging assessment computer software and receive a personalized report. For more information please click here.

POSTURAL ANALYSIS & MUSCLE TESTING is a physical assessment evaluating structure and function of the musculoskeletal system, designed to identify postural faults, imbalances and test for optimal muscle strength using computerized force measurements.